31 December 2014

Stashbusting 2014: A year in review

Happy New Year everyone! I can't believe it's the end of the year already! Where did the time go? More importantly, how did I go against my stashbusting sewalong pledge?

My pledge for the year was:

"I, Andrea, commit to using twice as many pieces of stash fabric during 2014 than I buy to add to it."

What that boiled down to was wanting to use two pieces of fabric for every one that I bought.

I think I managed to blog about every piece of fabric that I used up, so let's review my personal sewing for the year. (I'll list everything in the months that I managed to get the blog posts up)

Stash Busting:

January Theme : Itty Bitty Bits
Pin cushion

February Theme: Love
Dress for my daughter

Ruffle Front T-Shirt
Cargo Skirt
Blue Knit Dress

April Theme: Colour
Floral bra
"Alabama Chanin" shorts
Chair Covers
Party dress, bunting and play mats (on theme sewing for the month)

May Theme: Stretch sewing
Shorts for the hubby
Broderie Anglaise bra
Stripy Dress (on theme sewing for the month)

June Theme: Containment
Lounge room curtains
Cream silk bra
Tablet cover (on theme sewing for the month)

Refashioned jeans
Blue lace covered bra

September Theme: Children
Sleeping bags for my niece

Hand dyed bra

Stripy summer dress
Black and white striped top
A-Line skirt
Santa sacks (October theme: Christmas)

Denim shorts
Black bra
"Willow" skirt
Teal shorts
Striped Shorts
Beach cover up

Wow! That's more than 29 items. Compare that to last year's 7 items sewn, and anyone would think that maybe I've had more sewing time this year! (I have - my daughter went from 3 days per week preschool last year to 5 days per week in Kindergarten this year). I may have taken a few liberties when counting up use of my stash. Some used more, and some less fabric from the stash, some were UFO's and others were refashions, but each of these used up something that was taking up space, and have now been given a new lease on life as something usable.

And I also managed to do 7 items on theme for the year! I did have plans for more, but, in most cases, work got in the way.

But how did I go on the other side of the equation?

Stash Adding:

Lingerie Fabrics
4, or was it 5 pieces at Fabric-A-Brac (one of which I have sadly had to dispose of)
Various other lingerie supplies
Black and white striped stretch (all used up)
Blue and white boucle (started sewing it up)
Gold boucle
Gifted patterned stretch fabric
Tassy thrifted fabric (1 piece)
Striped cotton (half used up on shorts)

I think I may have just come out on top! But who's counting? I think I was supposed to be, but anyway....

If you want to know more about the stashbusting sewalong, here is the original post over at Tumbleweeds in the Wind for the 2014 Sewalong.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by this year, stay tuned for my plans for Stashbusting 2015!

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  1. some totally lovely makes here. Can't wait to see your 2015 sewing.