31 January 2015

Lingerie: Cream and Blue lace bra

Only two things sewn up in January, and they were both bras. At least this one was sewn totally in the month of January. All in two days in fact. Making bras certainly isn't making much of a dent in the stash busting, but I'm having fun, and more importantly, I'm getting new lingerie, and learning!

22 January 2015

Fabric Needlecraft and More... AKA The Fabric Cave

Don't ask me how I never knew about this place, but I quite literally stumbled across a reference to the Fabric Cave in a post by Perth blogger Fadanista's review of her latest make in December. Intrigued, I did some googling, and discovered this treasure trove of fabric, sewing and craft supplies, located in Meadowbank, less than half an hours drive from my place. (In Sydney terms, that's quite close!)

17 January 2015

Lingerie: Long line strapless black bra

This was supposed to be my last finished project for 2014, but alas with a constant stream of visitors through my house during Christmas and New Year, two children home for school holidays, and being away for a week, it didn't leave much time for sneaking away to my studio for a bit of quiet, uninterrupted sewing time. So instead, this has become my first completed project for 2015. That also makes it, quite unintentionally, fit with the January stashbusting theme of Renewing Sewing.

8 January 2015

Stash Busting Pledge 2015

I've been participating in a Stashbusting sewalong for 2 years now, and am really looking forward to participating again this year, for more than one reason.