25 December 2013

Christmas 2013: Taco Seasoning!

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

We have started a bit of a tradition of making something for Christmas presents every year. I come up with an idea, (the earlier in the year the better) and start working on making it happen in time for Christmas. We then give our closest friends and family the same gift. Last year I blogged about the Christmas macarons that I made and packaged for gifts. They were a real hit!

As with last year, this year also involved a lot of experimenting with recipes and trying them out on my unsuspecting family members. We ate a lot of tacos, nachos and potato wedges coming up with this recipe. I think the kids were getting a bit sick of them. It's a wonder I didn't put them off tacos forever with the first batch, or the second for that matter!

My attempt at making a Christmas Tree from jars of Taco Seasoning

21 December 2013

Stash Busting: Sun Dress

I had another reason for making myself a white slip. My White Christmas post was all about the slip I made to go under a dress that I bought a few years ago. The actual reason that I made it now and not in another two years time, was that I needed it to go under a different dress that I planned to make.

Don't ask me why, but I seem to be attracted to sewing up all my fabrics that have either cut out or transparent sections at the moment, meaning they either need lining or a slip. I think this is the last of them though, although both this and my navy sorbetto top still have enough leftover fabric to make something else from them.

10 December 2013

Sewing Machine Review - Janome Memory Craft 300E Embroidery Machine

Here is my next sewing machine review on my embroidery machine, a Janome Memory Craft 300E

What brand and model do you have? This machine is a dedicated embroidery machine, a Janome Memory Craft 300E.

9 December 2013

White Christmas

No, I'm not heading to the northern hemisphere for a white Christmas, I'd just like to share with you the story of a white dress that I bought a couple of years ago, and is still yet to be worn.

About two years ago when I was looking for a Christmas present for my father in Industrie (I bought him a shirt that year in case you were wondering), I stumbled across a dress on the sample rack that I couldn't resist. I tried it on, and apart from being rather transparent, I loved it. You can't really tell on my dummy, but the slip underneath the dress is really see through. It's made of the same chiffon as the dress itself. "No worries" I thought, it's not like I can't make myself another slip!

The Dress Before