30 April 2014

Stashbusting Sewalong: April theme "Colour": A Lego Friends Birthday Party

I have been working on a few things for my daughter's birthday party for a while, and realised quite by accident that it fit in with the April Stashbusting Sewalong theme of colour. I don't often manage to match my sewing to the theme of the month!

The theme of the birthday party was Lego Friends, and after coming up with all sorts of Lego themes for party favours, games and prizes, I thought that maybe we should tone it down a bit on the Lego, and pick a few key colours to stick with for everything else. I chose hot pink, cobalt blue, lime and purple. The hubby bought plastic plates, cups, tablecloths and napkins in these colours, and I set to work on some sewing.

My first idea was bunting! And lots of it. I made far too much to re-use it all in her room (but watch me try), but there was plenty to decorate the party. I actually only used two of the three lengths that I made (10 triangles each of three colours on each length). I kind of overestimated how much I would need!

How about a new dress? With some triangles on it to tie back to the bunting. And of course a full circle skirt for twirling. (Well, actually, I put two full circles on it).

Circle skirts are for twirling 
And twirling some more!

And some play mats to put the Lego on at the party. Just pull up the drawstring when you're done! I did one in pink / purple for my daughter to keep after the party, and one in green / blue for my son!

The fabric that I used for all of these is poly cotton. I have quite literally hundreds of metres of it in my stash. My scraps stash that it is. All of it is a mere 40cm wide. It's all offcuts from the daycare sheets that I make, so I have a never ending supply. Despite my best efforts to give it away and use it up for things like this, it keeps breeding. Remember the Rainbow Brite dress I made last year? Same fabric, different colours.

The bunting was easy to get out of the width.

The dress proved a bit more of a challenge, with the shorter circle skirt just fitting in. The longer skirt length I cut out to the longest that would fit, and joined on four other pieces around the circle to get the length that I wanted, with a bias strip between. The pattern for this kept evolving every time I cut another piece out!

For the play mats I used a single layer of calico for the centres so that you could see the Lego and not have it hiding in colourful fabric. One of these circles I managed to cut from a recent dress toile, but didn't have another toile with a wide enough skirt to re-cut, so I had to use some new and unused calico from my almost depleted roll (at least buying new calico doesn't count as more stash - I need it for work!)


The cake of course, was Lego bricks, with all the food chosen for it's colours.

What were the games you ask?

We had a guessing competition


It proved a bit tricky to get a photo of the limbo in action
Pin the bow on the Lego Friends horse (Pin the tail on the donkey)

Musical Lego bricks (musical chairs)

Lego car races propelled by air

Lego Building contest

We found some Lego stationery sets on special at Big W, so stocked up to give out as prizes for the games.

We also had a colouring in table set up for when the kids first arrived, or just didn't feel like joining the games. We downloaded an assortment of colouring sheets from the Lego website. Lego Friends (of course), and some other sheets (knights end fire engines) for the boys. Very few of the boys sheets were used, but pretty much all of the Lego Friends pictures were used.

And what party would be complete without a party bag for the guests?

We had a few "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" moments, but miss (almost) Five was still the belle of the ball, and we all had a great time!

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  1. Wow! What a party and what a lot of sewing! Fabulous job!