30 August 2015

Stashbusting Sewalong: August theme "Face your fears" - Swimsuit

Guess what? I'm a bit chuffed, because for the first time ever, I made a swimsuit! This month's stashbusting theme is all about facing what we fear in sewing. I had originally thought of cutting into some special fabric that I've been putting off using, but after some discussions on the Stashbusting group's Facebook page, I came up with something far more appropriate, and an actual real fear of mine: Lycra.

18 August 2015

Lingerie: Cream Bra

It's been a while since I've had a big enough chunk of time to sew something for myself, and of course, my mind went straight to bra making. I had actually been putting off making my next bra, even though I knew what style I wanted, and what I would make it from. As I mentioned when I made my last bra, I made the decision to try a larger size underwire.

10 August 2015

My sewing studio: Storage for fabric by the roll

How wonderful is my husband? Not only did he come up with the opening line for this blog post, but he put together a storage solution for organising my fabric rolls in my storeroom.

The new fabric rack

2 August 2015

Knitting Adventures - Silk Scarf, and my new dressmaker's dummy!

Do you remember when I bought some silk yarn on my visit to Tasmania last year? The yarn is 100% silk, from a local Tasmanian artist Rebecca Kissling. I had in mind to make a scarf, but have been taking my time thinking about it before making it up.

Well, the time had come, and my neck was crying out for a different scarf to wear, so I took a week out from my other knitting project to make this up. I didn't want a pattern that was too boring, but also didn't want to have to follow a pattern or think too hard when making this one. I settled on a 2 x 2 rib knit, so the scarf would look the same on both sides, and not roll at the edges.