30 December 2014

Refashion: Beach Cover-up

I have a few sarongs that I have collected from various overseas holidays. They invariably then sit in the cupboard, never to be used again. I got the brilliant idea of using one of these sarongs to make a cover -up for my daughter to use after swimming.

I settled on this bright yellow sarong with turtles on it that I bought on my honeymoon in Hawaii. I wanted to use something with a fringe that I could put at the hem and sleeves, and my only other option in sarongs with a fringe, had the pattern running in the wrong direction.

Here's me on my honeymoon using my sarong
The sarong
I designed this cover-up with a kaftan look in mind. It's basically a rectangle with square ended set-in sleeves, a shaped neckline, and slits up the sides. To make it look less like a sack, I added some adjustable elastic at the sides to bring it in a little. I interfaced the casing, and also the fabric under the casing.

Where the buttons are sewn on I added a square of fabric fused on with vliesofix. The fabric is so delicate that I needed something to re-inforce these sections, and for the same reason didn't want any overlocking, so I used french seams.

The pattern lined up on one side!
Unfortunately the pattern isn't parallel with the edge of the fabric, but is on a bit of an angle running uphill, so I did my best to get the pattern to line up at the hems, which only worked on one side of the hem.

I know it looks rather large on, but now that I can't use it anymore, I wanted her to get the most wear possible out of it and last a few years.

Jumping for joy?

What better way is there to finish off a photo shoot than getting drenched by the hose on a hot day? Which reminds me, I still have this hanging on the line. Better bring it in before it falls off and gets really dirty.

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