23 March 2014

Does This Mean I Just Added to my Stash?

I had a client visit me yesterday to pick up some mending. His wife brought me a surprise package of goodies. She had a bag of mostly lingerie supplies taking up space in her attic, and having no intention of ever using any of it again, thought that I might be able to make use of it! I think she might be right!!

Look at this stash! So many beautiful things. My daughter, of course, has been taking great delight in dragging lengths of lace all over the lounge room and then insisting on folding them up again herself.

Frog closures, tassels and beads
Such great timing too. At the end of last year I bought a whole stack of elastic, underwires, straps etc for making bras, but I haven't had any time to make anything yet. I haven't even bought the book that I've had my eye on for a few years. My great start on this new adventure so far has been to unpick an old bra that I have that fits really well (or used to before the elastic started failing). I decided that my first attempt at making my own will be to copy a RTW bra. And finding as much help as I can on other people's blogs!

Lingerie fabrics: the 3 on the top left are stretch fabrics, perfect for while
I'm learning to make bras!
Here's all the stuff that I've already bought. The elastics etc I got near the end of last year. I have enough bra backs to make 10 bras to start with, working up to 30 pairs of underwires, so I'll be going for a while before I run out of everything! The stretch lace I bought earlier this year. I only asked for and paid for for 1 metre, but it must have been the end of the roll, as when I looked at it at home I found that I actually have more than 3 metres! I have contemplated making a dress with it instead, but I'm just not sure if I would ever actually have an occasion to wear a white stretch lace dress.

Bra making supplies
Stretch lace
There'a a great assortment here of lingerie fabrics, laces, trims, tassels, beads, frog closures and elastic. (Unfortunately the elastic is all past it's best though). I sorted most of it out to take photos of it all.I even found a length of really wide stretch elastic. Perfect for bra making. I'm really looking forward to using some of these things.

Black stretch lace, it's about 13cm wide
But I think I'm going to need to rearrange all of my lace and trims storage!


  1. Wow! It looks like you got some great stuff.

    I used McCall's M5651 a few years ago to make some panties, and they turned out great. The pattern also includes bras and camisoles. That white stretch lace would be lovely as a camisole to layer for spring/summer. http://mccallpattern.mccall.com/m5651-products-8646.php

  2. Impressive! Can't wait to see the results!