3 September 2013

Did Someone Say Ice Cream?

Spring is officially here! The last week of winter here in Sydney felt decidedly summer-ish, with temperatures in the high 20's. With a winter that warm, I don't even want to think about how warm our upcoming summer will be!

With the weather warming up, I intend to give my new ice cream maker a thorough work out. Do you remember last year when I was lamenting what to do with egg yolks when I was making macarons most weekends? Well, I haven't actually made any macarons at all so far this year (something that will be remedied sooner or later), and now my freezer is filling up with egg whites. A few weeks ago I made 2 different batches of friands in an effort to clear them out, but after this latest ice cream adventure, I'm right back where I started, with about 23 (yes, you read right - 23!) egg whites in the freezer. So, maybe I've been building up a supply ready to make some macarons, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Methinks maybe there'll be some more friands coming out of my oven sooner than macarons though.

Cinnamon Ice Cream