17 December 2014

Dark Teal Shorts

This summer, just for a change, I thought I should get some essential sewing done at the start of the season so that I get as much wear out of my new clothes as possible before they sit, unworn and unloved, until the cold weather comes and goes again.

I have been in desperate need of new shorts for a while. Some that I made a few years ago are wearing out, and I had a favourite pair of denim Colorado shorts wear out. I bought them when they were selling off their clothes to concentrate solely on shoes (I made a joke, solely, get it?)

Seeking a bit of instant gratification, instead of making up some striped shorts that have been on the to-do list since last summer, still with no pattern made, I thought I would use up some of my remnants, and make a pair of shorts in the same fabric, from the same pattern as some long pants that I made about 5 years ago. I know the fit is good in that fabric, as the pants fit me just fine! My only alterations to my pattern have been to shorten them (obviously), make the legs a little more fitted, and add a few centimetres in the fly pieces (I didn't make them long enough for the zipper length that I chose, so I'll fix that this time).

My highly technical approach to taking a bit out of the side seams.

Not only did I fill in a costing sheet when I made these pants, I even wrote out instructions!

I didn't read them though. That's not my style, although I'm sure there's some helpful tips that I gave myself. What I did do though, was keep the pants in my studio while I sewed up the shorts, so I could refer to the actual garment to make sure I did everything in the right order.

The original pants, with the new shorts

I was having real issues getting non-blurry photos. This is the least blurry shot of the back, sorry you can't see any detail though!

I did want to mention something about the fit though. Despite my pants fitting really well around the waist, these shorts seem to still have the same problem as every other pair of shorts or pants I have made using my block recently. They tend to fall down from my waist and sit precariously on my hips, unless I keep pulling them up! My determination on this, is that when I made the pants, I'm pretty sure I didn't pre-wash the fabric, whereas I know I did for the shorts. What a difference pre-washing your fabric makes! It seems I am still on the hunt for making my pants fit perfectly.

Now that I have two new shorts, (these and my blue denim shorts), and another pair that I am still writing a post about, and two new skirts (my A-line skirt and my willow skirt), I really am feeling that I'm lacking in tops that will go with everything. Neutral coloured tops would help: white or cream. I think my stash might be slightly lacking when it comes to anything practical like that, but I do know that I have some white homespun. As much as I loathe ironing clothes once they're finished, I may resort to making up a few tops from that. I already have one planned, just need to get around to doing it!

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  1. These shorts fit you brilliantly and they look fantastic - serviceable, practical and yet chic all at the same time! Deep envy of your pattern drafting skills...