5 December 2014

Knitting Adventures: Another honey cowl

It doesn't seem to get cold enough in Sydney to wear coats and scarves all the time, but when I was in Tasmania during July this year, I always had something around my neck, and my tailored jacket that I made last year got a good work out too (and a few comments!) It was the first time that I'd worn my honey cowl for more than a few hours, and my sister in law promptly put in an order for one.

I hunted down some yarn whilst still on holidays, and bought this beautiful llama / silk blend in Hobart to make one for her.

I had intended to use all of both skeins for this cowl, but didn't quite use all of it, as the cowl was getting rather big. This is the long version of the honey cowl.

Technical details: I didn't follow the pattern exactly when doing this one. Instead of the 4 rows specified at the start, I only completed two knit rows before commencing the first repeat of 4 rows (since the first row of the repeat is a knit row too), and at the completion of 24 repeats, knit 3 rows, so that each end of the cowl has the same number of knit rows. I used 4.5mm needles for this cowl, as the 5mm that I initially started with produced too loose a knit, so I had to pull it all out and start again.

Forgive me for not wanting to model this myself for photos, I thought my dummy would do a better job in summer! As I was finishing the knitting, (at the kids' music, gymnastics, swimming and climbing classes) I had people asking if I was making it in time for next winter!

I had this cowl in the mail back to Tasmania last week so that my sister in law has it in time to wear for a white Christmas, while I'll probably be sweating my way through a 40 degree Christmas in Sydney.


  1. I do love a cowl - so much warmer than a scarf I always think. This is glorious, I love the colour and type of yarn that you used. Your sister-in-law will be eternally grateful.

  2. Lovely! I like cowls too, easier to wear and more practical than a scarf in so many ways :)