26 October 2013

Fabric Stash: I found some more fabric!

I was missing a piece of fabric that I knew was around somewhere. I had previously made a pair of pants for my son when he was 3 year old with it, and a matching pair for my husband (they looked so cute together, but do you think I have a photo of them in their matching pants?)

This fabric missed the cut when I documented my fabric stach, but I figured that the reason was because it was actually a few remnants of fabric, and I didn't bother with remnants. I did a quick clean up this morning before I had a visitor, and look what I found under a pile of T-shirts that are waiting (very patiently) in my studio to be made into a T-shirt quilt!

21 October 2013

I bought some books

On my list of goals for the year ahead I had listed a couple of books that I wanted to buy so I can try out some new stuff.

This morning I had an appointment in the city, so after that, I ran a few errands, and thought I'd pop into Kinokuniya Books before I went home. It can't hurt to look at a few books, right? What I was actually looking for was Drape Drape 2. I've already made my version of a dress from this book, but wanted to try some more from it, inspired in part by Meggipeg, who I have watched working her way through the Drape Drape books.

I had a look through the sample copies of Drape Drape 2 and 3 (they didn't have a copy of the first one available to flick through), and then my attention was caught by Pattern Magic. Back on the shelf went Drape Drape 2, as I decided that I would get more use from Pattern Magic.

Five minutes later with Draping for Apparel Design in hand as well (that one was a definite from my list), and I was out the door!

19 October 2013

Sewing Machine Review - Janome 1600P

Hands up who reads sew mama sew? I must admit that I only follow this website via facebook, so at times it's pretty hit and miss what I actually see. I did however, come across a post recently about reviewing your sewing machine. What a great idea to have a group of owner reviews all in the one place! So here it is, the first of my reviews on my pride and joy - a Janome 1600P sewing machine.