2 June 2015

Stashbusting Sewalong May 2015 roundup

How has your month been? What sewing did you get up to? Whatever it was, I hope you've managed to have a productive month. As usual, I had lots of things that I wanted to get done, and not much time to do it in. Top of my priorities though, was to get some lingerie sewing done. What kind of host would I be if I didn't?

Here's what I accomplished for myself during the month. Firstly there was a silk slip, and matching partial band bra.

White Silk Slip
White Silk Partial Band Bra (2 piece cup)
When the first bra didn't work out so well fit-wise, I whipped up another one, just in time to blog before the end of the month. It may not look much different, but the fit is spot on.

White silk partial band bra (3 piece cup)
On our Facebook page this month, there's been a constant flow of shorts, shirts, skirts, dresses, jeans, hats, bags, and even a baby play gym! In among this, we've also seen pyjamas, bras, undies and slips. And of course, there's been lots of encouragement to help use our (often vast) stashes of fabric.

Here's some of the highlights of the month. Take a look at Sue's bra and undies sets. They are from Cloth Habit's Watson pattern.

She was so productive this month, here's a third set that she made

Another favourite of mine is this gorgeous cami and shorts pyjama set. Love. It.

And another gorgeous set.

Now that it's June, the Stashbusting Theme is to sew with knit fabrics. Nancy is hosting this month, so head on over to her blog to read up on it, and start sewing up some knits!

Photos used with permission.


  1. Thanks for the roundup Andrea, your bra looks amazing. I am planning a slip - what fabric did you use?

    1. Yours all look great too. I used a fine silk for my slip and both bras. I forgot to add the links for my sewing. I'll fix that now.

  2. Your slip is gorgeous, and so is the bra - looks like a MakeBra pattern? Love the Watson set that your facebook stashbuster friend made. Must join you I think - need to bust a lot of knit fabrics this month because I need lots of winter t's to go under things.

    1. Thank you Sarah Liz. The bra pattern is one that I made myself. Welcome to the Stashbusting Sewalong. I hope we can help you make a dent in your fabric stash.