29 June 2015

Stashbusting Sewalong: June theme "Stretch fabrics" - Long sleeve shirt

I don't really know if I have enough to say about this top to warrant it's own blog post, but I didn't have any photos ready when I posted about my Moto Jacket, so here is my new long sleeve rib knit top.


When I finished up my Moto Jacket, I packed everything away, and even used the rest of that day to clean up my studio, managing a rare feat - to clear off my sewing desk. When I walked into my studio the next day, I was confronted not by half finished projects lying all over the place, but literally, a clean slate. What's a girl to do? Well, dig out the rest of the fabric that you just put away of course.

The rib knit fabric that I used was a length of 3.1m that I bought earlier in the year from the Fabric Cave. I only used up 1.4m of it for the sleeves and lining of my jacket, so still had quite a bit left. I had been thinking that I should make some kind of long sleeved top or jumper from it, so I dove right in and made one.

I think I may have been influenced to make this by the tutorial that I read over breakfast from Tasia of Sewaholic Patterns, demonstrating a V-neck band on the Renfrew top. Despite having just read it however, that didn't stop me from doing my own V-neck band wrong twice before my brain clicked into gear so I could do it the right way. You probably can't make out from the photos, but I didn't bother trying to line up the stripes on my band. The rib is so close together that I figured no one would ever notice. Until I just pointed it out to you of course.

I used a self drafted pattern that I've used and altered many times before. I added 1cm into the width of my pattern pieces for both the front and the back, so a total of 4cm extra to what I have used with this pattern in the past. I had hoped that this would give me a little extra room to move if I wanted to use this as a layering piece. Alas, as this fabric doesn't have as much stretch in it, as, say a merino knit (which I have used with this pattern in the past), it is still a little snug, so wearing it just as a top will have to do.

This was quite a quick make, the longest time I spent on anything was fixing up the back of the skipped stitches from my coverstitching, which feature on the wrists, hem and neckline.

I managed to use up another 90cm of this fabric, but somehow there's still another 80cm left. Maybe you'll see it on the trim for something else in the future.


  1. Ahha the beauty of knits - every top from the same pattern always turning out slightly differently. Half the fun of sewing really - seeing what you get at the end.

    Nice top - and no, even pointing out the slight mismatch, it is still hard to see.

    I do like your sewing space :)

    1. It can get really annoying when each make from the same pattern turns out differently. It's one of the reasons that I don't generally make knit garments for anyone else. It's just too hard to get it right!

      I'm planning on doing a blog post on my whole sewing studio one day. It's all written and everything. I'm just waiting on that perfect time when it's *cough* tidy enough to take photos of it! No holding your breath on that one, it's never tidy enough to meet my standards of showing the world!