6 June 2015

Quilt Cover for my daughter

My husband's grandmother had a matching pair of quilts that we acquired after she passed away. When my son was younger, my husband redecorated his room and even made a quilt cover for him. (I wasn't allowed to help - I guess it was a boy thing!)

We decided to leave doing the cover for our daughter until she was old enough to have a say in what she would like. However, I came up with the idea for this quilt (without really consulting her) last year after I made her a party dress and matching bunting for her fifth birthday party. The party theme was Lego Friends, and I chose a few of their most used colours to make a dress, bunting and lego play mats. For this quilt, I started with the idea of the bunting strip at the sides and went from there. The bunting itself has been hanging in her bedroom for about a year, and she has been patiently waiting for her quilt cover to be made.

The fabric on the outside of both the quilts is a floral green print, and not a standard single bed size, necessitating the need to make covers, measuring 175cm wide and 232cm long.

I added some tape to the inside corners of the cover so that I can tie it to the quilt to prevent it moving around. I know from a few year's experience with my son't quilt that it will move around a lot without this. To the corners of the quilt I added some tape so I had something to tie it to.

Tape across the corners of the quilt
Ties on the corners of the quilt and cover
To close up the bottom of the quilt, I added a strip across the bottom and dyed six white buttons with Ozepol dye. It didn't make a very dark blue, but with all the colours happening on this quilt I think they go really well.

As with the bunting and dress, this quilt cover was made primarily from leftover poly cotton fabrics from the daycare sheets that I make. I had to search through my tub of offcuts to find as much of these colours as I could with the same dyelot. Even then I had to make concessions in my design when I didn't  have long enough strips of what I had wanted to use. My fabric offcuts are mostly 45cm wide, so there was lots of piecing things together, and I decided to do stripes on the back of the quilt to take advantage of the narrow width.

Back of the quilt cover
I made two pillowslips to go with the quilt cover. They're a little narrower than I would have liked to make them, but it was as wide as I could manage with the fabric that I had, and works fine with her current pillow.

In terms of stashbusting, this used quite a lot of fabric. Due to the width of my fabric, and the fact that they were offcuts, I took the total length of all the fabric, and divided most of these measurements by two to come up with an amount for stashbusting, giving me a stashbust of 14.7 metres! Yay me.

And Miss 6 loves it!

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  1. Such a fun quilt cover and I can see why your daughter loves it. Amazing stash bust as well.