28 February 2016

Scrapbusting in style: Stashbusting Sewalong February 2016

The theme for February at the Stashbusting Sewalong is sewing with scraps. I figured I should at least manage to sew something out of scraps this month. Along came this blog post from Sue. She made some gorgeous therapeutic neck pillows. The free pattern is available here. What a great way to use up scraps!

My thoughts turned immediately to making some of these for my daughter's room. I have heaps and heaps of poly cotton fabric that matches the bunting and quilt cover that I made for her room. And it's all approx 44cm wide, and leftover from other things. In my books that makes it scrap!

Of course, when my son saw what I was up to, he put his order in too. One green (his favourite colour), and one blue (matches his room better). I have heaps of those colours in the poly cotton also.

Next up, how about a couple to go in the lounge room, matching the curtains? The only decision there, was do I use leftover fabric from the main part of the curtains, or the diamond printed trim fabric? The kids voted for the main fabric, so who was I to argue?

For the poly cotton pillows, I doubled up the fabric to make them stronger. Alright, I'll be honest, it was to use up more fabric too!

You haven't seen the last of me making these pillows. They are so useful. I was tempted to have a nap on the lounge before lunch today because they're so comfortable. I have none in my own bedroom yet, and when I do the curtains for our library there will be leftover fabric too. I might just need to buy some more stuffing though, since I used an entire 1kg bag to make these six!

Total stash busted on these six pillows was 3.3m (taking in to account the original width of the fabric)

Stashbusting as at the end of February
YTD Stash In:    5m
YTD Stash Out: 6.1m (target, double the total stash in)

And lastly, how is my 2016 jar of fabric looking?

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