21 October 2013

I bought some books

On my list of goals for the year ahead I had listed a couple of books that I wanted to buy so I can try out some new stuff.

This morning I had an appointment in the city, so after that, I ran a few errands, and thought I'd pop into Kinokuniya Books before I went home. It can't hurt to look at a few books, right? What I was actually looking for was Drape Drape 2. I've already made my version of a dress from this book, but wanted to try some more from it, inspired in part by Meggipeg, who I have watched working her way through the Drape Drape books.

I had a look through the sample copies of Drape Drape 2 and 3 (they didn't have a copy of the first one available to flick through), and then my attention was caught by Pattern Magic. Back on the shelf went Drape Drape 2, as I decided that I would get more use from Pattern Magic.

Five minutes later with Draping for Apparel Design in hand as well (that one was a definite from my list), and I was out the door!

Can you believe I made it home on the bus without even taking the plastic off them? And I still haven't opened them, 9 hours later! I blame the trip-to-the-city-induced headache.

Why have I waited so long to buy these books you might ask? I have been meaning to buy them from Amazon, but after the Australian dollar did a big nose dive against the US dollar earlier this year, I have kept putting it off. Not anymore! Now I just need some spare work time to do some playing.


  1. Oooh, exciting, and thank you for the mention - I'm very flattered. I haven't seen the 'Draping' book (must look it up ASAP), but I do have that 'Pattern Magic'. I got into a a bit of a palava trying to make my first pattern from it and haven't been back since. I look forward to seeing your creations!

  2. Always happy to give you a plug, Megan. Maybe we should both do something from it together! I'm thinking of trying out a twist front dress. Don't hold your breath though, I most likely won't have a chance to start on it for a while yet.