26 October 2013

Fabric Stash: I found some more fabric!

I was missing a piece of fabric that I knew was around somewhere. I had previously made a pair of pants for my son when he was 3 year old with it, and a matching pair for my husband (they looked so cute together, but do you think I have a photo of them in their matching pants?)

This fabric missed the cut when I documented my fabric stach, but I figured that the reason was because it was actually a few remnants of fabric, and I didn't bother with remnants. I did a quick clean up this morning before I had a visitor, and look what I found under a pile of T-shirts that are waiting (very patiently) in my studio to be made into a T-shirt quilt!

My missing fabric! And some other fabric too. I believe this is a pile that I had put "somewhere safe" because I already had ideas of what to make out of them. I've got my eye on that bottom piece for a nice summery shift dress now - better than my original plan I think.

Back to my not-missing-anymore piece of fabric. The original plan had been for me to make a cargo skirt in the same style as the boys' pants. I think I might still do this, despite my son having outgrown his pants 5 years ago. That would have made a cute photo - matching mummy and son clothes! There should be enough fabric though to make my daughter a skirt too. Matching mother and daughter clothes it is then!


  1. matching mummy and daddy and son and daughter? does your daughter fit your son's ex-shorts? then make him a new pair?

  2. You've sure made good use of that piece of fabric! matching things for the whole family is such a cute idea :)