13 February 2013

Fabric Stash: Fabric, Vietnamese Style

As part of the Stash busting sewalong, I'm going to document my fabric stash for you. I'll do this in parts, starting with a section of my stash that came from Vietnam.

My husband was working in Vietnam for a few months last year, and, the wonderful man that he is, went in search of fabric shops. On one of his trips to a particular shop that he had found (with a bit of help from some locals that he had befriended), he took a few photos for me and I was able to pick out some fabrics that he went back to buy for me.

So many patterns and colours to choose from! I would have loved to have a look through this shop myself. I chose a few via skype, and gave some kind of vague instructions to pick out fabrics that I could make tops from: Something that I would like, but that I wouldn't necessarily buy for myself.

So here's what I have. There's a fair bit of each fabric, most with a pattern that goes at the very least around the hem. If you were to ask the shopkeeper what sort of fabrics they are, they are all "silk". They may have a silky feel, but until I get around to doing some testing on them, I'm pretty sure that most, if not all of them are some kind of rayon.

They have all been sitting in my stash waiting for me to have enough time to do something with them.

Well, school holidays has meant less time to sew, but more time to browse through blogs and dream about what to make. I already have a few ideas for a couple of these, but haven't committed to doing anything yet.

I can see myself using 4 of these fabrics in the not too distant future, helping out my goals for the year, and contributing to the Stashbusting Sewalong too.

Wish me luck!

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