18 February 2013

Fabric Stash: Cottons, Wool, Linens and Silks

In an effort to work out what fabric I have, and thus be able to work out what to do with said fabric, I am going through my fabric stash and sorting and documenting everything I have. I started this process with a post on some fabrics that my husband bought for me in Vietnam. You can catch up with the first installment of my fabric stash here if you missed reading it.

Next up are all my natural fibres: cottons, wool, linens and silks.

I have been patiently (well, ok, impatiently and at times giving up and joining my daughter in watching TV) going through all my fabric, measuring, documenting, and doing the occasional burn test on them. The 100% cottons are these:

Do you see a trend happening in these photos? I like blue. A lot. If you go through my wardrobe, you'll find I have more blue clothes than anything else. Brown would have to be a close second though. As seems to be the case with a lot of my fabrics, most of these I had very little idea of what I would make with them. Most of them I still don't. I was thinking maybe I should find a new home for the blue muslin, seen second from the top in the second photo of cottons (since I haven't had a baby boy to use it on for 7 years), but thought maybe I could make a cute little dress for my daughter to wear over her swimmers! Maybe. But maybe not for a few years? I'd better not wait too long though, there's only 1 metre of fabric!

As far as 100% wool goes, I only seem to have one that is 100% wool. It's navy blue with a herringbone weave. (Bottom of the next pile) I had no plans on what to with it when I bought it, and have made a sample jacket from it already, and still have plenty left for something else.

I just have the 2 linens in my stash, the first of which should just be scraps after making a dress from it already, but with approximately 2 metres left, I'm still classing as "stash", not "scraps". I paid $25 for a remnant about measuring 120cm wide by about 3.1m. I bought at Sarah Jane in 2012 when they were clearing out surplus fabrics, trims and accessories after sending their production off-shore.

The blue linen I bought in the opening sales at the Lincraft Chatswood store, (sometime before 2000), which has now been closed for quite a few years. I have no idea what I had planned to make with it, but I'm now thinking maybe I'll make some tailored shorts with seams finished off with bias binding, maybe with some kind of contrasting fabric to trim the outside of pockets?

I was quite surprised to realise that all of my silks have been bought overseas, with the 2 blue ones bought in China by my husband 6 years ago, the patterned blue Thai silk, gold Thai silk along with the red and gold patterned Chinese silks bought by myself in Thailand 10 years ago, and the gold dragon patterned silk bought in Hong Kong 2 and a half years ago. None of them were bought with any idea of what to make with them, and I didn't keep any records of how much they cost.

Stay tuned for the third and final installment of a walk through my fabric stash, coming soon!

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