31 January 2013

More Storage Boxes, and Some Bags

Recently I posted about some cute little storage boxes that I made from bridal dress bags with broken zippers. I have been plodding along deconstructing some more of these bags, and from the pieces cut out another 3 little boxes to add to the one I had already completed, and a total of 12 carry bags.

Bridal dress bag before
Bridal dress bag after
I now have 4 little boxes! I've put 2 of the boxes to good use holding scrap fabrics to use when testing my machines. Other uses could be for holding bobbin boxes, or maybe to hold zippers, thread and other notions for clients work.

The carry bags were the first thing that I had wanted to make from the bridal bags, to give out to clients when I have made smaller items that don't need to stay on a hanger. I put my embroidery machine to good use adding my logo to the front of the bag, and website address on the handle.

Stitch them up re-using the binding from the bridal bags, and voila!

My branded carry bags
The first of the bags are done! They turned out pretty well, don't you think?

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