15 May 2015

Stashbusting Sewalong May 2015: Why am I stashbusting?

Why did I join the stashbusting sewalong?

I first stumbled across the stashbusting sewalong a few years ago, when I saw another blogger had mentioned that she was joining in, and at the time I was bemoaning the fact that I never seemed to have time to sew anything for myself, but regularly added to my stash. Just, because. I saw it as an opportunity to force myself to do something about actually using up what I had, and getting new clothes while I was at it! I didn't get much time to sew things up in that first year, but it was a start, and the stash only grew a bit, mostly from other people destashing onto me.

In that first year I did find myself unable to make a few things that I had ideas for, as I had nothing suitable in my stash, and I had forbidden myself to buy fabric, so last year I gave myself some more leeway and did go a little overboard on buying fabric, but managed to keep to my goal of sewing twice as much as I bought.

For my pledge this year, I'm not too concerned with how much I sew up, but don't want to see the piles of fabric starting to build up again. As long as I don't end up with more fabric than I started with, it's all good, I will have met my goal.

We live in such a throw away society, that I want to see the fabric that I already have being used, and made into something that will last. If I can re-fashion clothes that have seen better days, even better!

Since the first Facebook group was set up last year, it has been more than just a way of documenting and sharing with others what I've been up to with my stash. Seeing what others have been doing is so inspiring. As well as showing each other what we've been up to, we have been known to share tips on how we organise our (sometimes vast) stashes, and shed light on sewalongs or free patterns that we've tried, and ask advise from each other.

Fellow stashbusters, why did you join the sewalong?


  1. I joined to try and control my stash, I did pretty well the first year in 2013 but the tides have turned last year and this year, colours that I don't usually see and are what I wear as well as winning fabric (13 yards on its way to me as we speak). I really need to work out how to sew faster at the standard that I want.

    1. I hear you about sewing speed. If only there were more disposable hours in a day. Good luck taming your stash.

  2. I've all but given up on sewing, and have been attempting to work on my wool stash instead. But it's the scrapbooking stash that is in a constant rotation of stocking and purging . . .