20 February 2015

Tank tops with a twist

Bra making hasn't been using up much of my stash lately. I took a tiny break from them to use up a bit more fabric, and re-stock the wardrobe with some essential tops for summer.

I don't often use the exact same pattern more than once, but when I came up with the idea for this top, I decided to make two at the same time.

I made the cream top because I need tops in boring basic colours. I t goes really well with my A-line linen skirt, and with my Willow skirt. and the red because I wanted something red to go with some red shoes that I have! And I made it in February as it fits one of this month's stashbusting themes being made from red!

The pattern took less than half an hour to do. All I did was alter the back of another top that I've made previously. I have a habit of over-engineering some things that should be simple, and as a result have no basic boring no frills tank tops. Not that I want my clothes to be boring! That's why I added the cut out on the back.

Both fabrics are from my recent trip to the Fabric Cave. The red fabric is a better quality fabric, which really shows in the way that all my bound edges sit flatter. I should perhaps have finished one and tried it on before finishing the second though, as the back neck where there are two fabrics overlapping stretched a little and tends to sit away from my back. Since my hair covers it I'm not that worried about it. I could fix it by taking a little out of the shoulders at the neck edge, but it really seems like a lot of work for such a small problem, but something to keep in mind should I make another one! Which I am seriously thinking of doing, but I'll probably do something a little different next time!

I actually finished these a couple of weeks ago, and they are the first tops I look for every morning when working out what to wear. I would have shared them earlier, but have had a bit of a blogging slump. Hopefully I can get to my backlog of blogging now, I've already finished a couple of other things.

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