9 October 2014

New Books!

When I first started thinking of making my own bras, I searched the internet for suitable books to help me on my latest obsession. It may have taken a few years for this obsession to become a reality, but now that I've taken the plunge into making my own bras, my thoughts turned back to that book that I was after.

Well, since I hadn't even been checking the exchange rate between the Australian and Canadian dollars, I decided there was no reason to put it off any longer, so I ordered it. And I didn't order one, but two books! That's right, the author of the Bra Makers Manual conveniently wrote another book since I found the original book! So I had to order them both! And some supplies while I was at it.

When I made my last bra I mentioned that I wanted to make a plunge back black strapless bra. Only problem was that I didn't have any of the special supplies for it. Problem solved!

I bought (from left to right) hook and eye tape, grip elastic, strap elastic, G hooks and the rings and sliders
that I would need for this. And I got some clear elastic while I was at it! All sorted!

Before I get to that one however, I do have another bra to make. After making my last bra I made the decision to buy the next size up in underwires, so I need to try them out and make some alterations to the pattern before I dive into any other major changes. Also, I bought some fabric dyes for synthetic fabrics when I attended the recent Stitches and Craft show in Newcastle, so I'm going to try those out too.

And how cute is this stamp on the receipt?


  1. I looked at this book, but didn't buy it, so will be interested in a review. I can't wait to see the results!

    1. I'll be sure to do a little review when I've had a chance to read them through and try out some of the ideas.