24 April 2014

1937 Model 66K Singer Treadle Sewing Machine

When / How Acquired

This machine was the second pickup on a day in December, from an eBay purchase. I'd already sent the husband out to the Hills District to pick up another machine, and he was out when the auction for this machine ended. I paid for it straight away and shot a message off to the seller. She answered within minutes, so I rang her and asked if my husband could pick it up while he was in the area. Thankfully she was home, and hubby came home with not one, but two new treadle machines for my ever growing collection. They both had to live at the bottom of the stairs for a few days, but this one now lives in our main living area under our bedroom stairs, while the other one (the 201K), managed to score a new home in my studio.

It came with a few spare bobbins, but is in need of a new rubber ring for bobbin winding. Included were both the original and a new leather belt (which I still haven't tried to attach).

On the eBay ad, this was marketed as "Singer treadle sewing machine in nice cabinet". It looks great under our stairs, and we keep a linen table runner on top of it with baskets to throw the kids toys in that are left lying around for too long.

Machine Specifications

The 66K is a full size version of the 99K, (or, the 99K is a 3/4 size version of the 66K!) so I only had to find one manual to print out! Have a look at my 66K and 99K next to each other below. See? Don't they look similar!

They share the same filligree scroll work pattern, although the majority of it is rubbed off on the bed of this machine.

Pretty much all of the specifications are the same as my 99K, so I won't repeat the here. Just the size and method of controlling it are different.

This machine was part of a batch allocated on June 11, 1937, part of a run of 15,000 66K machines.

Work Done on this Machine

So far I haven't done anything to this machine. It is in pretty good condition overall. The needle plate doesn't even show signs of the needle hitting it, which is a good thing, because we tried to take it off so dad could give it a once over anyway, and couldn't get it off! The bobbin case is in desperate need of a clean though, so I'll have to get it off sooner or later. The treadle mechanism also needs a good scrub.

Unfortunately the Singer website doesn't list
a name for the design on this faceplate, but I
do know that the Simanco part
number is  32667

Needs a good clean. Like, seriously!
More parts that need cleaning
A bit more grease build up

I will get around to doing a clean on this, I'd love to try it out and get it working again, but want to give it a once over first.

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Do you have a Model 66 Singer? I'd love to see more! Feel free to leave the link to your related blog post in the comments below.


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  2. How much did you pay for that machine?