5 January 2014

Lego Sewing Machine

I recently saw a picture of a Lego sewing machine on my Facebook feed, and asked my 8 year old son if he would like to make me one. I think he was still too busy playing with all the new Lego that he and his sister had gotten for Christmas, because he wasn't interested. I'm nothing if not persistent though, and a few days later I created a Pinterest board with various Lego sewing machines that I found.

That got him hooked! He made me a machine without any guidance from me, complete with 2 reels of thread, 2 bobbins (you never know when that extra one might come in handy), and 2 presser feet (more is best apparently!)

Using the ideas he used in this first machine, I suggested some improvements, and we came up with the next one together (just one of everything this time!)

And this third machine is one that I did by myself. I started with a tutorial that I re-pinned on Pinterest, and made some modifications until I had something a little sturdier, and that looked a little more like my long arm Janome 1600P.

Finally having an oversized stash of Lego has paid off!

I'm not done yet though! I'm still going to have a go at a treadle, and an overlocker (serger). But for now, I might try and spend a bit more time with the real thing, and get some sewing done.


  1. These are great! I'm impressed with how realistic legos can be!