14 January 2014

A Dress For my Sister

Here's my first stash bust for the year. Unfortunately though, it isn't from my stash. My sister asked me late last year if I could make her a dress, copying one that she already had. She came to stay a short time later with the dress to be copied, but no fabric! At least I got to make the pattern and give the dress back before she went home again.

The Original dress
Going cross eyed making the pattern
Fast forward a few months, and she came to stay again at Christmas, this time with fabric in hand. The fabric seems to be some kind of linen blend, very lightweight and drapey. I did have to make a trip to Spotlight to find something to line it with though (thank you 40% off post Christmas sale!)

Christmas with a house full of people is not conducive to finding time to actually sew the dress though, so I packed up everything I needed and took it back to my parents place to sew up whilst on holidays with them. I turned their guest room into a sewing room, complete with borrowed sewing machine, overlocker and iron, all sharing the one extension cord which I had to keep changing between appliances, including running over my bed. I also had a few dramas with sewing feet and tension, but managed to get there in the end. If I ever complain about the layout of my studio, the inconvenience of having to roll my chair between sewing machine and overlocker, or having to turn around the use the iron, remind me of this experience!