31 August 2016

Mother Son T-Shirt Refashions

I've had a couple of souvenir T-Shirts from my honeymoon sitting in the refashion pile for quite some time. Although they're 12 years old, they haven't been used, so they were still in great condition.

My son has been asking for a new sleeveless sports top for a while, and when I came across these again, I thought it was a perfect match. I took an existing top of his, and traced it out to make the pattern. Before cutting it out, I graded the pattern up a few sizes for him, hoping that it will last for a while.

With the other T-shirt, I used my regular sleeveless top pattern to make myself a matching top.

The T-shirts before
For Master 10's top, there was more than enough fabric in the T-Shirt to cut his new top, as well as binding for the neck and armhole edges.

There was enough fabric in mine for binding around the neck edge, but I did need to raid the jersey stash to cut binding strips for the armholes.

He's pretty happy with his new top, and I'm already planning another version for him from one of my husband's old polo shirts.


  1. A very useful and practical refashion and what a little cutie your son is!

    1. Thanks Megan. He wants more tops now, but only if I don't blog them. We'll see about that! He can be rather photogenic when he wants to be.

  2. You two are having some fun and perfect refashion for both of you.