13 March 2015

Cream Cardigan

Can you relate to this? You have a favourite piece of clothing, but your other half just wants it gone. Well, my husband has been nagging me to throw away my favourite cream cardigan for a while now. I bought it at Jeanswest a few years ago, and it's the perfect weight to throw over any outfit on cooler autumn and spring mornings. But it now features holes all through, and stains that won't come out.

Time to make a new cardigan then! I made a pattern from my old cardigan, and had almost finished tracing it out when I decided it was easier to make the sleeve pattern if it wasn't attached to the rest of the cardigan. After hesitating for about a minute, I cut it up! And nearly cried. Can't wear that again now!

The fabric that I used is another one from the Fabric Cave. It's a fairly light weight rib knit. I used the wrong side for the outside, and the rib side for the band that goes all the way round the neck, front edge and hem.

It feels a lot more restrictive than it's predecessor, but then again, my old cardigan tended to stretch out a lot and contract again with washing. And it was really lightweight. The arms feel a little tight, especially around the biceps. I guess I won't know until I've washed and worn it a few times how it actually wears. We've been having a few cooler mornings, but not enough that I'd want another layer on yet. The mere thought makes my skin crawl!

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