28 May 2014

Jeans Refashion. To Cut or Not to Cut

Carolyn always manages to inspire me with her beautiful creations. She recently posted about a skirt that she made from a few pairs of old jeans. One of the inspirations that she quoted was a jeans remake by her friend Yoshimi. How awesome are they? I love the side view where you can see an old button down fly that comes up from the ankle.

When I first saw Carolyn's skirt I thought that maybe I would cut into a pile of old jeans that don't fit me anymore and make a skirt from them, but when I read Yoshimi's post on her jeans, I changed my mind and decided I wanted to make myself some "new" jeans instead.

Before I cut all my old jeans up though, I thought I'd make sure that they were on the "never wear again" pile for a reason, so I tried all the contenders on, and was quite surprised by the results!

Up first, are my pale aqua jeans with tabbed belt loops. They're from Katies, and are a size 8. They used to be one of my favourites, but I haven't worn these for at least nine years as they didn't fit anymore after having my first child. One of the buttons has come off at the back. The verdict: I can fit into them (sort of). Just ignore the bit of muffin top you can just see at the waistline. They are a lot paler than I remember, and had age marks on the front (came out easily enough after soaking in napisan) However, I think they've had their day, so they're ripe for cutting up!

Next up we have another pair that used to be favourites of mine. These Calvin Klein jeans (size 28 - not sure what that equates to in Australian sizes), have a higher waist, and again, I can still fit into them. My waist isn't what it used to be however, and I can't stand high waisted pants or skirts. Let's not even talk about how short they make my torso look if I were to tuck a shirt in (not that I generally do that). Both knees are worn through and patched as well. The verdit: They're past their best, so they can get cut up too!

The third pair are a well worn pair of True Blues jeans size 10, with a button down fly. I didn't have these on the too small pile, probably because they're too big! And loose, and baggy. They basically have no shape. And the denim is really thin, so don't stand a chance of keeping me warm in winter. Cut them up? Yes please!

This pair and the next I obtained at a clothes swap a few years ago. I was looking for pants that had wider waists to fit me after my daughter was born, but when I got them home I just wasn't interested enough in them to wear them, so they've just been lying around doing nothing. The ones above are Bettina Liano jeans in a size 14 (they're very small for a 14!), and have lacing at the back yoke. There's no front pockets, and truthfully, I'm not that fond of the cut.

The ones below are Lucky Brand dungarees (size 10). They don't actually look that bad! I think 4 pairs of jeans is more than enough to turn into one new pair, so these might get spared. For now.

Look at me taking selfies in the mirror! The kids thought I was crazy, but I had fun doing my own little fashion show.

I guess there's nothing left to do now but make a start on my new jeans.

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