21 December 2013

Stash Busting: Sun Dress

I had another reason for making myself a white slip. My White Christmas post was all about the slip I made to go under a dress that I bought a few years ago. The actual reason that I made it now and not in another two years time, was that I needed it to go under a different dress that I planned to make.

Don't ask me why, but I seem to be attracted to sewing up all my fabrics that have either cut out or transparent sections at the moment, meaning they either need lining or a slip. I think this is the last of them though, although both this and my navy sorbetto top still have enough leftover fabric to make something else from them.

For this dress I wanted a style that was simple and flowy, so it won't weigh me down on hot days. The fabric is very light (don't ask what it is, I'd need to do a burn test), but the slip, being made from duchess satin, is a bit heavier. No pockets again in this dress. Although they would have been a nice addition, you would have been able to see them through the transparent sections.

The pattern making was pretty straightforward. All I did was move the shoulder darts on my block to become under arm darts, ignore the rest of the darts, shape the neck and taper out the sides to be slightly A-line. To sew it up, there are only two darts, four seams (french), one hem, and binding on the neck and armhole edges. I used a thin strip of interfacing before doing an inside bind on the raw edges (I wasn't able to buy the armhole tape that I used in my maxi dress), but had to cut some of it away where you would have seen it.

More binding!
Overall though, this was a very simple dress to make! I like quick, and I like simple! Chalk up another stash bust for me, the last for 2013.


Fancy a decorative wheel?
Maybe a Christmas tree?
This tree looks nice.

And if you're wondering why my photos were taken in Bunnings, I asked my husband to take photos of me one afternoon, and he wanted to go to Bunnings, so we combined the two tasks, and he took the photos at Bunnings. Win win? And we got some new LED Christmas lights too!

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  1. Your dress is lovely! such a stunning colour, so fresh and summery.